Building Inspector

Code.sysTMCode Consulting, Inc. is appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the official building inspectors for Buffalo Township. Code.sysTMCode Consulting, Inc. has the ability to provide complete inspection services and construction document review in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), and Buffalo Township’s local ordinances.Code.sysTMCode Consulting, Inc. founded in December, 1996 can offer over 35 years of municipal experience in the development and management of building inspection departments under the direction of its managerial staff. It is their belief that it is necessary to put together a building inspection department team that is highly skilled and professional without losing the idea that the team must be customer service oriented. Code.sysTMCode Consulting, Inc. was founded in Pennsylvania, and their corporate office is located in Pennsylvania. Utilizing the services of a Pennsylvania corporation will benefit all citizens of our state as inspection fees and your tax dollars stay in Pennsylvania and will not increase the profits of a corporation from another state. We look forward to the opportunity to assist your community in the immense task of providing the minimum standards to insure the safety, health and welfare insofar as your residents are affected by building construction.  If you have any questions, please contact Dave McGuigan at 412-821-0337 ext. 24.