Buffalo Township Board of Supervisors

Buffalo Township Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors in composed of 5 members elected to 6 year terms. The Board of Supervisors serves as the township’s legislative body, setting policy, enacting local ordinances, adopting budgets, and levying taxes. Because there is no separately elected executive the board also performs the executive functions, such as enforcing ordinances, approving expenditures, and hiring employees.

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Term Expires
Ron Zampogna III


Chairman 12/2023
Matthew Sweeny


Vice Chairman/Supervisor of Emergency Personnel and Fire Department 12/2023
Albert T. Roenigk


Supervisor of Roads/COG Representative 12/2025
Gary L. Risch, Sr.


Supervisor of Police/Butler County Association of Township Officials (BCATO) 12/2027
Michael J. Oehling Jr.


Recreation Development Supervisor/Voting Delegate to PSATS Conference/Supervisor to Municipal Code Association Board 12/2027
Brian Farrington


Solicitor – Charlton Law
Janice L. Zubrin


Secretary/Treasurer 12/2022