Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is advisory board to the Board of Supervisors. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve 4 year terms.

The Planning Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on subdivisions, developments, and other planning issues before they reach the Board of Supervisors.

The Planning Commission Meets first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in Municipal Building. To get on the Planning commission’s agenda please contact the Land Development Coordinator, Mary Ann Townsend at 724-295-2648

To see the meeting minutes from the Planning Commission click here.

Term Expires
Ray Smetana Chairwoman 12/31/2018
R. Grant McConnell Vice Chairman 12/31/2020
Chris Foust Secretary / Vice Secretary 12/31/2017
Amy Trulik Member 12/31/2017
Donna D. Davis Member 12/31/2018
Timothy Gottus Member 12/31/2019
Sue Gregory Member 12/31/2019
Joseph Charlton Solicitor